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Stay compliant with an experience local director in your company

Why use our Nominee Director Service

Stay compliant with our local directorsship laws

Safeguard Interest

No need to bear risks of an errant local director


Save on expensive director fees if all you need is a local director for compliance


Any business that wants to incorporate in Singapore must have a local director

Affordable Nominee Director Service

Under the Companies Act, every Private Limited company in Singapore must appoint at least one local resident director. In the event that you do not have an available local director for your company, FMD provides Nominee Director services to assist your company in meeting the statutory requirements.
This service package includes:
Appointment of a local director
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Fee Structure

Local Director Fees
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Frequently asked questions for our Nominee Director Service

Do I really need it?

Why can't I find my own local director?

For private limited company, the company secretary is responsible for the administration of a
company, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with the requirements of Singapore
Companies Act.

Their responsibility can vary and this depend on the terms in the engagement letter.

1. Maintenance of statutory register and minutes book

To update electronically with the Registrar for the register of directors, auditor, company
secretary and CEO. 

The other register in allotment of shares, charges as well as board and
general meeting resolutions will be maintained by the company secretary.

2. Update information with the Registrar

To update electronically with the Registrar for changes other than those mentioned under (1),
such as changes in shares structure, name, constitution, charges and filing of annual return.

3. Board and general meetings

To ensure the notice are send and meetings are held according to the company’s
constitution/companies act. 

This include distribution of agenda and relevant documents such
as financial statement before meeting. During physical meeting, to take attendance, minutes
and finalised with the resolutions passed for directors or chairman to sign.

Some company may allow passing of resolutions by circulation and the company secretary
prepares the resolutions and its relevant documents, administers the circulation and signing of
resolution before it is recorded in the minute’s book.

4. And much more

Such as to remind Directors on filing deadlines, safekeep and administer the usage of
company seal if there is seal used by the company, issuance of share certificates

Why choose our Nominee Director Service over our competitor's service?

We have over 20 years of experience in Singapore directorship laws and we stay updated on the latest regulations and change. You will be getting the best corporate secretary service in Singapore.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, our pricing is very transparent, you pay what you see for our services. However additional resolutions may incur different charges as it is separate from our service package.

Q: What is a local resident?
A: A local resident can either be a Singapore citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident or a pass holder who will worked in the company with local residential address.

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